Advising FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more information about the majors?

Schedule an appointment with an advisor or review our major information guide to understand the majors offered and how to declare into them. 

What is Phase I and Phase II?

Phase I is pre-major status - this involves a meeting with a program coordinator then a meeting with an assigned faculty advisor to draft a plan of study to be declared officially into the pre-major. 

Phase II is major status - this includes an online application and completion of Phase I courses. Phase II applications are evaluated once a year during spring quarter. Applications are due by the first day of spring quarter each year. 

How do I get into Phase I?

Begin with an appointment (schedule here)

In your first meeting with a Program Coordinator, you will discuss what your intended major looks like (BS Chemistry, BA Chemistry, or BS Biochemistry) what courses you will need to take, what courses need to be completed before applying to Phase II, and you will create a plan of study. After the appointment you will receive an evaluation of where you stand in Phase I - what your Phase I GPA is, what courses you have left to complete, and what grades you will need in order to remain in "priority review" for Phase II.

What is a Phase I GPA and what are Phase I courses?

Phase I GPA is calculated based off of your Phase I courses. These vary  based on your major:

Phase I courses for BA/BS Chemistry:

CHEM 161, 162, 163

CHEM 351, 352

PHYS 161

MATH 124-125

Phase I courses for Biochemistry

CHEM 161, 162, 163

CHEM 351, 352

BIOL 205

Do I need to achieve priority GPA to get into my major?

Achieving priority GPA means you have received a 3.0 or above in your Phase I courses for the BS Chem or BS Biochem programs, or a 2.5 or above for the BA Chemistry program. This demonstrates to the committee who reviews applications that you have a good understanding of course material and indicates probable success in Phase II courses. Priority GPA does not guarantee acceptance into Phase II of the major, and a GPA below the priority does not disqualify you from becoming a Phase II major. 

I want to major in Biochemistry, do I have to take BIOL 206 in order to enroll in upper-division biology courses?

No! Biochemistry students in Phase II of the major are able to take BIOL 321, 323, 324 after they have completed BIOL 205. Some students may opt to take BIOL 206 for pre-med track or particular graduate programs that require one year of general biology. 

How do I apply to Phase II?

Application can be found here. 

Applications are due the first day of spring quarter each year for enrollment in Phase II courses the following fall quarter. Applications are only reviewed once per year, though the application remains open at all times. 

In order to apply to Phase II, you must have completed all (or most) of your Phase I coursework by the time the applications are due. Additionally, you must have completed (or will complete) the pre-requisites for your fall quarter classes. 

For example: If you apply to Phase II of the BS Chemistry major in Spring 2020, you must have finished CHEM 161-163, 351-352, MATH 224, and PHYS 161-163 before Fall of 2020 to begin the Physical Chemistry sequence (CHEM 461). 

Can I apply to Phase II if I have not finished all of my Phase I courses?

Students are able to apply to Phase II if they have not completed all of their Phase I courses, however, they must be ready to begin their Phase II courses the following Fall quarter. For example, many students will apply to Phase II by the first day of spring quarter while being enrolled in CHEM 352 in spring quarter - therefore - they have no CHEM 352 grade yet. Biochemistry students must have completed CHEM 353 or be concurrently enrolled in CHEM 353 when beginning CHEM 471 - Biochemistry I. 

Students in the Chemistry major (BA and BS) must apply to Phase II with the intent of finishing CHEM 352, PHYS 161-163, and MATH 224 prior to beginning CHEM 461 in fall quarter. No concurrent enrollments are allowed with prerequisites. Note: CHEM 461 - physical chemistry - is only offered once a year during fall quarters and must be followed with CHEM 462 and 463 respectively in winter and spring. 

When will I find out results for Phase II?

Once you have applied to Phase II, you will know the results of your application prior to registration opening for the following fall quarter. This typically happens during early May, before registration for fall quarter opens. 

How to declare Phase I in chemistry or biochemistry?

Schedule an appointment with Miranda here: