CHEM 471 Access Request Form

Complete this form to request access into CHEM 471 (Biochemistry Lecture) before Phase II of Registration.

This form is for any student other than Biology (Any Emphasis) or Biochemistry Phase II Majors.  

Biochemistry Phase II Majors should be able to register without an override. 

Biology Majors should register for the biology sections of CHEM 471, and should direct their questions to 

Students who submit this form, are not in the majors listed above, and who meet the prerequisites for CHEM 471 may receive an override to register for CHEM 471 after BS Biochemistry Majors, but before Phase II of Registration. Overrides are issued in groups that take into account a student's graduation requirements, major status (Phase I vs. Phase II), anticipated graduation, anticipated need of the course material (ex. MCAT Exam Date), and the number of legitimate prior attempts to enroll in the course. Once Phase II of Registration begins, all major restrictions will lift, and anyone with the course prerequisites will be able to register. Students re-taking CHEM 471 will not be given overrides to register, except under extraordinary circumstances. 

You will be notified of overrides via your Western email. An override may not be for a seat in the course, but rather a position on the waitlist. It is your responsibility to be monitoring your email during registration.  

Submission of this form does not guarantee enrollment. 

Results of pre-applicant prioritization are not negotiable. Every effort is made to accommodate as many requests as possible. Once notifications of seat allotments are issued, the decision is final.

Should any information change, please resubmit your application. Your most recent submission will be used. This includes requests for consideration during a different quarter than the original submission. 

Please direct questions to 


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