Teaching efforts thus far have focused primarily on the Organic Lecture and Laboratory sequence (CHEM 351-355). Additionally I have developed and taught several advanced electives:

  1. Natural Products Chemistry (CHEM 425a) - This course focuses primarily on the biosynthesis of biologically relevant secondary metabolites. A link to the PowerPoint slides I created for this course can be found here.
  2. Organic Reactions (CHEM 425b) - One of the major efforts associated with teaching this course was the preparation of a workbook/textbook. Topics discussed range from Frontier Molecular Orbital (FMO) Theory to Aldol reactions and Olefin Metathesis.
  3. Biofuels (CHEM/ENRG 381) - This course was developed to be included as part of the new cross-college Institute for Energy Studies at WWU as described in the educational section of my NSF-CAREER Award. Student participants gain an understanding of various biofuel technologies that includes guest lecturers from industry and supported trips to local energy-related sites.