Special Order Gas Cylinder Form

This webform is only to be used for ordering gas cylinder not stocked by the stockroom

  • A student name or a class number is required
  • A Faculty name is required
  • valid Funding Budget code is required
  • Select from the drop down menus the type of gas cylinder that is needed, then enter in the number of cylinders required/taken.
  • If you are in need of a cylinder/tank not listed on this form, fill in the Other blank with information regarding the gas type, mixture ratios, and purity information and a quote will be obtained for you.


Gas orders are submitted on Thursday evenings, requests after that will be ordered for the following week. Delivery is on Mondays, for pure gases and cryogenic liquids this means that something ordered on Thursday will arrive on Monday (specialty gases will have different lead times). Cylinders that are pulled from stock without an order form submitted will not be re-ordered until an accompanying form is submitted (I will not guess as to what group used what), so in order to keep frequently used gases in stock please submit a form as soon as a cylinder is pulled from stock.

Pure Gasses
Specialty Gasses
Cryogenic Liquids