Application to Phase II

Phase II Applications are due twice per year.

Applications should be submitted once a student has completed all of their Phase I courses for their intended major.

Applications are due:

1. The first day of Spring quarter classes for Fall admission into Phase II 

2. The first Friday of Fall quarter for Winter admission into Phase II. 

This webform requires students to answer short response questions and it will not save your work or perform any spelling or grammar checks. We recommend working on the Phase II application questions in a separate document before beginning/submitting this application. The webform will not save your responses if you exit the window.

Please see our Phase II Information page if you have questions about the new semi-annual phase II process.

Please indicate by clicking below that you would like to begin your Phase II application. You will be prompted with additional information and must certify that you have read all instructions before you can work on your application. Good Luck!

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