Key Requests & Info

Key Requests

Keys can be checked out from the chemistry department for personal use/access to the chemistry building and labs. Key check-out requests must be approved by a faculty PI or supervisor.

Students performing research in a lab must put down a refundable $30 deposit for the duration they have keys checked out to them.

Please follow the two steps below to obtain your keys.

Step 1: Key Request Webform

Please indicate which keys you are requesting to check out using the webform linked below. This will route through your indicated supervisor or PI for approval. Keys will not be checked out before requests are approved & deposit is paid (if applicable).

Step 2: Key Deposit

If you are a student researcher (not hired by the department to prep labs) you must pay a $30 deposit. This is refundable when all keys are returned to the department. Keys will not be checked out before deposit is paid.