Interested in Chemistry or Biochemistry?

Crystal Cline

  • Questions about the Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors, the Chemistry Minor,  declaring Phase I, and questions about applying to Phase II.
  • Please note if you meet during or close to registration you cannot be declared into Phase I of the major until after Phase I of registration. 

Heather Purcell

  • Questions about Phase II, declaring Phase II after admission to major, changing majors in Phase II.

Major Declaration

All chemistry and biochemistry majors are required to meet with a Phase I Advisor to declare Phase I.

Students are then assigned and required to meet with a faculty advisor prior to being officially declared into Phase I. The faculty advisor assists students with developing a personalized plan of study to meet student's particular needs, career, and educational goals.  Faculty advisors serve as students' primary academic contact points within the Department.  

Students will not be officially declared until they meet with their faculty advisor, submit their plan of study, and fill out the Major Declaration Form.