CHEM 434 & 436 Access Request

Complete this form to request an override to register for CHEM 434 & 436 for Spring 2023 Registration.

This form is limited to Phase II declared B.A. Chemistry & B.S. Chemistry Majors. 

We will do everything we can to accommodate your scheduling preferences, however, we cannot guarantee your top choice will be available. Use the text box at the end of the webform to describe any scheduling issues you may have that will limit your options to only one CRN.

Priority is given to students based on prospective graduation quarter. Any remaining seats will be allocated based on form submission date.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to 

Please note, you must be registered for CHEM 434 concurrently with CHEM 436.

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Your Phase II Admittance Year and Cohort
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Prerequisites Met
CHEM 434 & CHEM 436 have mandatory concurrency, and must be taken together. CHEM 333 and CHEM 461 are prerequisites to CHEM 434.