CHEM 464 CRN Preference

Note: This application is primarily for BS chemistry majors who have completed CHEM 461-463. BA Chemistry majors who are hoping to enroll should also fill out this form to indicate their interest, but will not be guaranteed space. Please indicate what CRN preference you have for Winter quarter. We will do our best to accommodate requests, however, we cannot guarantee CRN preferences. Email with questions or concerns. 

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Complete this form for CHEM 464 Major Override for Winter 2024 Registration.

This form is limited to Phase II declared Chemistry Majors. 

You will be informed via email when your override has been administered and for what CRN it was administered for.

We will do everything we can to accommodate your scheduling preferences, however, we cannot guarantee your top choice will be available. Use the text box at the end of the webform to describe any scheduling issues you may have that will limit your options to only 1 CRN.

If you have additional questions or concerns please reach out to

Have you completed CHEM 463?
CRN Preference
CRN 10214
CRN 10215
Have you completed or will you be concurrently enrolled in CHEM 462 in Winter 2024?