Chemistry Department Fellowship Applications

Fellowship Application for Summer 2024 due April 8th at 11:59 PM

Applications require:

  • 1-2 page proposal of the research project to be supported by the fellowship
  • copies of students' transcript(s)
  • a faculty assessment of the proposal to be submitted by the faculty mentor

All documents should be uploaded to webform in PDF format only.

Applications will be forwarded to your faculty mentor where they will then turn in your final application with their letter of support by April 15th, 2024.

Please coordinate with your faculty member before turning in your application.


Any registered undergraduate student in good standing doing research with a WWU Department of Chemistry faculty member. Fellowship recipients must be available to work full time in the summer.


The student proposal must be accompanied by the Faculty Advisor Assessment form (to be submitted separately by the faculty research advisor).

Proposal Guidelines


The student proposals should be submitted in a PDF document. Proposals will be reviewed by the WWU Department of Chemistry Scholarship Committee. Evaluation criteria include the scientific merit of the student proposal and the assessment provided by the faculty research advisor.


The abstract should contain a brief statement of objectives, methods to be employed, and the significance of the proposed activity to the field of study (one paragraph).

Project Narrative 

a. Background and Significance

How well is the project supported by the background knowledge on the subject? The literature cited indicates how well you are aware of the previous work in your field of study. Clearly state your research objectives. Convince the review committee why the work should be done.

b. Research plan

How will you conduct the proposed work? You should provide a clearly defined set of tasks that will accomplish your objectives. Describe procedures and experimental design that will address the research objectives. A timeline for the proposed work is required.

c. References (separate page, one page maximum) 

Make sure you include the complete citations for the literature sources referenced in the acceptable style for your discipline (e.g. ACS format). 


How will the results of the proposed work be disseminated? Who will be responsible for reviewing your work? The proposal must contain a plan for disseminating the results of the work. All publications and presentations based on the work must acknowledge the support of the fellowship donor(s). The narrative must outline appropriate background material so that the project proposed is placed in context and its significance can be assessed. 

Possible available fellowships for Summer 2024

Joseph and Karen Morse Student Research Fellowship

3 Fellowships @ $6,000

Total awards and amounts are approximate and will be confirmed by the time of offering.


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