G McGrew , PhD

Senior Instructor, Chemistry & AMSEC; Co-director, WWU Institute for Critical Disability Studies · he/him//they/them


GIM teaches in Chemistry, Materials Science, and Honors and supports ADEI efforts for WWU and the College of Science and Engineering as one half of the job, and other half of the job is as co-director for the new WWU Institute for Critical Disability Studies (ICDS).

Email GIM to learn more about groups and student clubs that support diverse and intersectional identities such as Out In Science WWU, WWU QueerCon LGBTQIA+ conference and convention, and ICDS Student Advisory Council.

BIPOC WWU Faculty & Staff can email GIM at FSOCC@wwu.edu to learn more about the WWU Faculty & Staff of Color Council events and how to get involved.

If you are interested in contacting the Institute for Critical Disability Studies leadership or are interested in pursuing the new Minor in Critical Disability Studies, please email GIM at icds@wwu.edu.

You do belong here.

Research Interests

Organometallic chemistry; catalysis; behavior of asymmetric organolithium compounds; accessibility & chemistry education; equity, inclusion, queerness, and Disability in STEM & academia. 

Recent Publications