Request a Minor Evaluation for Graduation

Please fill out the below form to request an evaluation of your Minor for inclusion with your graduation application materials.

Please allow up to 1 week for your request to be processed.

  • One complete, you will receive an email containing your completed and signed evaluation.
  • If you have waited longer than 2 weeks, please send an email to for a status update.
  • Minors declared Fall 2015 and later will complete the following:
    • CHEM 121/161-123/163 - General Chemistry I-III  ~or~  CHEM 125/175, 126/176 & 225 - Honors Chemistry I-III
    • 15 credits of upper-division chemistry courses
      • Up to 4 upper-division credits may overlap and be applied to both the chemistry minor and your declared major degree requirements.

For more information please see the Chemistry portion of the WWU Catalog.

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Please outline any remaining coursework you need to complete to finish the chemistry minor. Please follow the following format:
CHEM 375: Spring 2021
CHEM 353 Spring 2021