Major Declaration Process

Thinking of pursuing a chemistry or biochemistry major?

All of our majors are comprised of two "Phases"

Phase I is a pre-major status

Phase II is a full-major status

What are some of the key differences between the phases and their respective declaration processes?

Phase I

Students can declare Phase I at any point in time - usually during their first two years (while taking general chemistry or starting organic chemistry)

Declaring Phase I has multiple benefits:

  • Grants access to courses such as CHEM 354, 355, and 333 which are major-restricted
  • Prioritizes you on waitlists for CHEM 351-353 organic chemistry
  • Adds you to a departmental canvas site where announcements, updates, and opportunities are posted
  • Connects you with a faculty advisor so you can talk more in-depth about your post-graduation plans, talk about a plan of study, and learn more about our research program

Phase II

Students apply to Phase II once they have completed Phase I coursework. Phase I coursework differs slightly between chemistry and biochemistry students. 

Phase II is the required status for students to complete their chemistry or biochemistry major and overall degree.

  • Phase II requires an application
  • Applications are open twice a year for two different cohorts (one application is due the first day of spring quarter for intended enrollment in Phase II the following fall quarter, and another application is due the first Friday of fall quarter for intended enrollment in Phase II the subsequent winter quarter)

Ready to start the declaration process?

Declaring Phase I

Declaring Phase I has two steps

  1. Schedule a meeting with the Phase I advisor 

    1. This is an initial meeting to get you information necessary to complete the Phase I declaration, answer any questions you have, and talk about which classes to take when.
    2. You will receive an email from the advisor within a week after your meeting with an assigned faculty advisor and additional resources
  2. Schedule a meeting with your assigned faculty advisor
    1. After you meet with the Phase I advisor, you will receive an email with the subject "Welcome to Chemistry/New Advisee
    2. Your faculty advisor will be copied to this email. Reach out to them and schedule a meeting to finalize a plan of study and ask any questions you have about post-grad opportunities, graduate school, or research. 

Applying to Phase II

Phase II is comprised of a set of core classes that are taken as a lock-step, cohort-style program. 

Phase II cohorts begin in Fall and Winter quarters every year and require an application prior to admission. 

Visit the Phase II Information Page if you want to learn more about Phase II or think you are ready to apply