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Selected Publications

  1. Marquardt, D. A., Doyle, M. P., Davidson, J. S., Epp, J. K., Aitken, J., Lemon, D. D., Anthony-Cahill. S. J. "Monodisperse 130 kDa and 260 kDa Recombinant Human Hemoglobin Polymers as Scaffolds for Protein Engineering of Hemoglobin-Based Oxygen Carriers." J. Functional Biomater., 2012,3, 61-78; doi:10.3390/jfb3010061
  2. Forman, C.J., Nickson, A., Anthony-Cahill, S., Baldwin, A.J., Kagwa, G., Feber, U., Sheikh, K., Jarvis, S., Barker, P., "Decorated Amyloid Fibril Morphology is Controlled by the Conformation and Position of the Displayed Protein." ACS Nano, 2012, 6, 1332-1346; doi:10.1021/nn204140a
  3. Baldwin, A., Knowles, T., Tartaglia, G., Fitzpatrick, A., Devlin, G., Shammas, S., Waudby, C., Mossuto, M., Gras, S., Christodoulou, J., Anthony-Cahill, S., Barker, P., Vendruscolo, M., Dobson, C., "Metastability of Native Proteins and the Phenomenon of Amyloid Formation"; J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133, 14160-14163.
  4. *Asmundson. A., *Taber, A.M., *van der Walde, A., Lin, D., Olson, J.S.,  and Anthony-Cahill, S., "Co-expression of a- and circularly permuted b-globins yields a hemoglobin with normal R state but modified T state properties", Biochemistry, 2009, 48, 5456-5465.
  5. Baldwin A. J., Anthony-Cahill, S. J., Knowles, T., Lippens, G., Christodoulou, J., Barker, P. D., Dobson, C. M., “Measurement of amyloid fibril length distributions by inclusion of rotational motion in solution-state NMR diffusion measurements”, Ang. Chemie Int’l Ed. Engl.,2008, 47, 3385-3387.
  6. *Fishburn, A. L., *Keeffe, J. R., *Lissounov, A. V., Peyton, D. H., Anthony-Cahill, S. J., “A Circularly Permuted Myoglobin Possesses a Folded Structure and Ligand Binding Similar to Wild-type Protein but with Reduced Thermodynamic Stability”, Biochemistry, 2002, 41, 13318-13327.
  7. Anthony-Cahill, S. J. and Magliery, T. J. “Expanding the Natural Repertoire of Protein Structure and Function”, Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology,2002, 3, 299-315.
  8. Anthony-Cahill, S. J., “Using the Protein Folding Literature to Teach Biophysical Chemistry to Undergraduates”, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 2001, 29, 45-49.

*undergraduate co-author


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  2. Trimble, S. P., Anderson, D., Mathews, A. J., Anthony-Cahill, S. J., Marquardt, D. A., Madril, D., Kerwin, B. A., Epp, J. K., Modified Hemoglobin-like Compounds and Methods of Purifying Same", published as WO 96/40920, 1996.
  3. Anthony-Cahill, S. J., Epp, J. K., Kerwin, B. A., Olins, P. O., Mathews, A. J.,"Globins Containing Binding Domains", published as WO 97/23631, 1997.