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Current Research Group Members


Savannah Froggatt, Chem. 
B.S. Student (S2020-W2022)
M.S. Student (S2022-present)

Tawakalt Akinjobi




Tawakalt Akinjobi, Chem. 
M.S. Student (F2021-present)

Julie Schexnayder, Chem. 
B.S. Student (F2018-present)


Liam La Belle, Chem. 
B.S. Student (W2022-present)


Ariel Hall, Eng.D. 
Student (F2021-present)


Charles Garzon, Chem. 
B.S. Student (F2021-present)

Rider Group Alumni

Cassidy Crickmore

Cassidy Crickmore, Chem. 
M.S. Student (F2018-S2020)

Ayesha Nadeem

Ayesha Nadeem, Chem. 
B.S. Student (F2017-S2019)

Kayla Koch

Kayla Koch, Biochem. 
B.S. Student (S2018-S2020)

Megan Plummer

Megan Plummer, Chem. Minor 
Student (S2017-S2019)

Kyle Whitham, Biochem. 
B.S. Student (W2019-Smr2021)

Tara Chin




Tara Chin, Chem. 
B.S. Student (W2019-S2020)
M.S. Student (F2020-S2022)


Morgan Archuleta, Chem. 
REU Student (Smr 2019)

Noah Barti, Chem. 
B.S. Student (W2019-S2019)


Seagan Keefe

Seagan Keefe, Chem. 
B.S. Student (W2018-F2018)


Emily Brown

Emily Brown, Chem. 
(B.S. F15-S16; M.S. F16-F18)

Sasha Alden

Sasha Alden, Chem. 
B.S. Student (S2016-S2018)

Liam Knight

Liam Knight, Biochem. 
B.S. Student (S2017-S2018)

Tyler Curtis
Tyler Curtis, Chem. M.S. 
(B.S. F14-S15; M.S. F15-F17)

Thomas Morrissey
Thomas Morrissey Chem. 
B.S. Student (S2015-S2017)

Diane Perez
Diane Perez, Chem.
B.S. Student (S2012-S2017)

Katherine David

Katherine David, PCE 
B.S. Student (Smr2017)

​Megan Deshaye
​Megan Deshaye, Biochem. 
B.S. Student (S2016-Smr2016)

Florencia Son

Florencia Son, Chem. 
REU Student (Smr2016)

Audrey Taylor
Audrey Taylor, Chem. 
M.S. Student (F2013-S2015)

Satu Heiskanen
Satu Heiskanen, Chem. B.S. Student (S2012-Smr2015)

Natasha SiepserNatasha Siepser, Chem. 
B.S. Student (S2014-S2016)

​Baldemar Martinez

​Baldemar Martinez

​Baldemar Martinez, 
Chem. REU Student (Smr 2015)


Erik Benton

Erik Benton

Erik Benton, Phys. B.S. 
Student (Smr2014-Smr2015)



Hen Cao

Han Cao

Han Cao, Chem. 
B.S. Student (S2012-S2015)


Sean Cavanagh

Sean Cavanagh

Sean Cavanagh, ETEC 
Student (F2013-W2015)



Ryan Hackler

Ryan Hackler, Chem. B.S. Student (F2012-Smr2014)

Kiley Brown, Chem. B.S. 
Student (F2014-S2015)

Kyle Mikkelsen
Kyle Mikkelsen, Chem. M.S.  Student (F2012-S2014)

Kalin KarichKalin Karich, Instruct.& Clsrm Support Techn. (F13-F14)


Ben Morgan

Ben Morgan, Chem. B.S. Student (S2012-S2014)



Sarah Mann

Sarah Mann, Chem. B.S. 
Student (S2013-S2014)


Cadence Luchsinger

Cadence Luchsinger, Chem. B.S. Student (F2013-F2014)


Tyler Kirkness

Tyler Kirkness, Chem. B.S. Student (F2013-S2014)

Nicole Hofstetter

Nicole Hofstetter, Chem. 

REU Student (Smr 2013)

Blake Cassidy

Blake Cassidy, Chem. B.S. Student (F2012-S2013)


Micah Stumme-Diers

Micah Stumme-Diers, Chem. B.S. Student (F2012-F2013)

Fumitoshi Kato

Fumitoshi Kato, Chem. B.S. 

Student (F2010-S2012)


Cecile Grubb

Cecile Grubb, Chem. B.S. 
Student (F2012-S2013)


Brian Warhol

Brian Warhol, Chem. B.S. Student (F2011-S2013)

Matias Morel

Matias Morel, Chem. B.S. 
Student (W2013-S2013)


Whitney Andres

Whittney Andrews, Chem. B.S. Student (W2013-S2013)

Patrick Longley

Patrick Longley, Math B.S. Student (F2012-S2013)

Rachel DeMayo

Rachel DeMayo, Chem. REU Student (Smr 2012)

April Fogel

April Fogel, ETEC Student 

Isaac Rosenberg

Isaac Rosenberg, ETEC 
Student (W2012-S2012)


Colin HansonColin Hanson, Chem. B.S. 
Student (F2010-S2012)

Leah Bergquist
Leah Bergquist, Chem B.S. 
Student (F2010-S2012)

Matt Jensen

Matt Jensen, Chem. B.S. 
​Student (F2011-S2012)


Chris San
Chris San, Chem. B.S. Student 

Dara San
Dara San, Chem. B.S. Student (F2010-S2012)

Kyler Knowles

Kyler Knowles, ETEC Student 

Jamie Winkler

Jamie Winkler, Chem. 
REU Student (Smr 2011)

Brandon Werder

Brandon Werder, MSci. Minor Student (F2010-S2011)





Rider Group Photos

Rider Group (2011)

A group of students poses at the Chemistry building sign

Rider Group (2013)

A group of students stand around the Morse Hall sign. A single student is lounging across the sign, his head supported by his hand.

Rider Group Attends ACS Puget Sound Conference at PSU (S2013)

A group of students in business dress pose on a grassy lawn in front of a tree

Rider Group BBQ (S2013)
A group of students pose in a living room

Rider Group Attends ACS Puget Sound Conference at WWU (S2014)

A group of students pose in front of the Red Square fountain


Rider Group 2014

A group of students pose in front of s tree

Rider Group BBQ (Smr 2014)

A group of students pose on a grass lawn at the Rider Group BBQ in summer 2014

Audrey Taylor at the ACS Spring 2015 meeting in Denver (March 2015)

Audrey Taylor ACS Spring 2015 Denver


Satu Heiskanen at the ACS Spring 2015 meeting in Denver (March 2015)

Satu Heiskanen ACS Spring 2015 Denver


Diane Perez at the MRS Spring 2015 meeting in San Francisco (April 2015)

Diane Perez MRS Spring 2015 San Francisco

Audrey Taylor Speaks at WWU's Graduate Symposium (April 2015)

Audrey Taylor presents at WWU Graduate Symposium (April 2015)

Rider Group BBQ (Smr 2015)

A group of students and a young child pose on the beach at the Rider Group BBQ in 2015

Andrew Hollcraft & Natasha Siepser in Action at the ACS National Meeting, San Diego -03/13/2016

Students presenting academic posters

Rider Group at White Rock Beach (July 23, 2016)



Students pose on the beach at Rider Group Beach Day 2016


Rider Group at White Rock Beach (Aug 13, 2017)

Students pose in front of a giant, white boulder

Prof. Emory, Ayesha Nadeem, Seagan Keefe, Joelle Lo, Alyson King, & Doug Baumgardner at the Nanolytica 2018, SFU - 05/04/2018

Students pose in a lobby

Mar 17-22, 2018 - The Rider Group attends the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans.

Students stand in front of their academic posters

May 4, 2018 - Congratulations to Ayesha on her first place award in the undergraduate student poster competition at SFU's Nanolytica 2018.

Student presenting a poster and receiving an award