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Student Conference Travel Policy

The level of support for student travel will change as the funding situation at WWU and within the group changes.  Some general considerations are below:

  • WWU requires all students to have their travel described and approved by WWU ahead of the travel dates.  Generally, the home department will assist with the necessary forms for this.  Students should ask to sign-off on a budget plan ahead of any registration or payments.
  • Students should ask to see a budget plan for this travel and sign this before any reservations or payments are made.
  • Generally, conference registration fees will be covered for research students that present a poster or oral presentation (henceforth described as student participants). The conference registration procedure and payment are generally conducted by the home department at WWU.
  • Generally, hotel rooms for student participants will be usually be shared with other students.  For a conference lasting more than 3 days, $200 total for hotel room costs will be provided for each student participant. Students are expected to attend the conference as much as possible. The student may have to contribute to the hotel cost if they wish to stay at the conference longer than the $200 budget will permit. 
  • Generally, the lowest available airfare cost will be covered for student participants. The payment procedure for the airfare is generally conducted by the home department at WWU. 
  • Per-diems for student participants will not be issued.
  • Other incidental charges for student participants will likely not be covered.  Common incidental charges consist of costs associated with private poster printing (WWU poster printing is often free), presentation materials and hardware, taxis, buses, meals, drinks, hotel and airplane surcharges.  Please ask Prof. Rider ahead as to whether other incidental charges may be covered.
  • Student participants should retain travel related receipts and confirmation documents for reimbursements (if possible). A lost document may disqualify an item from reimbursement.